2018: Sorry!! No Pick-Your-Own Apples at our orchard this year

This year there are overall significantly less apples on our trees, but even more so in the section we are normally using for the Pick-Your-Own (PYO) Apples activity. Our main business focus though is to supply our customers with ample options on fresh fruits in our farmstore daily and the 5 ‘Farmers Markets’ we attend weekly.

Therefore in order to ensure having enough apples available for our on-site store and the markets, we are very sorry to not be able to offer also Pick-Your-Own Apples at our orchard this year. Hopefully next year the situation improves and we can offer PYO Apples again.

In below pictures you can see the actual situation in the PYO section compared to last year.

PYO section 2018
PYO section 2017

On the left side the Macs from the PYO section this year (2018) compared to last year on the right.



The reasons are probable manifold and a mix of bi-annual behavior, water availability and other local factors (nutrients, …). 

Again, we are sorry not to be able to offer the Pick-Your-Own Apples to you this year.

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