This was it for the 2017 Raspberries – next fruits available will be from our orchard trees around late August

With end of the first week in August we have picked our last raspberries for the markets in this season. Thanks to all the raspberry fans out there for your support – the only way to still get some is now via Sabine’s Raspberry Jams and Jellies. 
We are sorry for those of our customers, who were interested in pick-your-own raspberries (PYO): it was not to be this year as we didn’t have a big enough harvest to allow opening the farm for PYO.
We are preparing now for the Apple, Pear and Plum harvest. Currently we anticipate to have some of our early Apple varieties ‘Early Cortland’, ‘Paula Red’ and ‘Ginger Gold’ available around the last week of August.
This will also be the time for the farmstore to open again !

More details once we know more. 

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