Updates for the 2019 Apple Season: Variety and Volume are here now

Now that we have entered the mid-season of the 2019 apple- harvest many additional apple varieties are available in our farm-store and for the farmers markets: Macoun, Spencer, Spartan , Wolfriver have joined the already and still available McIntosh, Cortland, Gala, Ginger Gold and Honeycrisp apples.
In the next 2 weeks Golden Delicious, Empire and Red Delicious will follow. 

In our store you can mix’n match them all in every size bags.

In “Pick-Your-Own” still plenty fresh McIntosh and Cortland are available and also Macoun can be picked now. 

If you need bigger amounts for apple sauce, baking etc., we have it available at the farm and on request also for the farmers markets. Our ‘special-sale-priced’ 2nd grade and utility apples are also available in great quality and volume for these fall activities.

Finally we also have enough ‘drops’ for animal feed readily available for pick-up at the farm – for bigger amounts please call/ email us to ensure availability.

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